Educational, Professional and Personal Background

RICHARD BURMAN received a diploma in electronics technology from Dawson College. He then, while working as a technologist in university media departments and at the NFB, completed a degree in Fine Arts from Concordia.

He started his company in 1979. One of his first projects was producing a half hour film documentary (with funding from the Canada Council and services from the NFB). Over the years he had worked on documentaries, corporate videos, been a sound editor on an animation film, done computer graphics and has edited with tape-to-tape editing systems. This has mostly been with his own equipment. He makes the effort to understand the technology that he works with.

He has concentrated on camera work ever since he bought a BetacamSP camera in 1991. To expand his options he bought, in 1996, an Avid editing system and has completed five hour-long documentaries since then.

He is an amateur musician (French horn). He loves to tinker and take on DIY projects. He has a functional command of the French language once he is immersed in that environment. He is easy going but can be very attentive to details and work fast and furious when the need is there. He is curious about many things and enjoys the discovery of new worlds and ideas that his work brings. He is available for travel and has worked in many places in Canada and parts of the USA.