IMAGE CAPTURE... Richard has five cameras in his arsenal. His best looking is the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera. The GH4 can capture 4K images and its quality is superb. To compliment that camera are two GH3 bodies. There are a number of lenses covering all three cameras. For some shoots he prefers the versatile and dependable SONY XDCAM EX1 which consistently produces great images especially in rock 'n' roll situations. Having a 14X zoom with a variable rocker control is very handy for live events.
He owns the Atomos Shogun, an external monitor, waveform and recorder. This is a very handy tool for colour balancing the cameras. It can record in ProRes or DNxHD for an editing workflow that is quick and of high quality.
He has the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition which is great for an unusual point of view and to film underwater (which he did do for the documentary "In the Key of Claire"). Amazingly the picture quality keeps up with that of his other cameras.
The support options are; a Satchler 18 head with carbon-fibre tripod, a set of short legs, hi-hat, a skater dolly, 32" and 64" sliders, unipods and light-weight tripods for the Lumix cameras. Being a DIYer he is constantly thinking about accessories he can make to improve his shooting options.

SOUND... For independent audio captures there is the ZOOM H4N and H5 recorders. He uses the H5 mounted on a cage as a pre-amp for the GH4. He has two lavalier mics (SONY ECM-77 and Sanken COS-11) and an EV handheld dynamic. He has two Lectrosonics UHF wirelesses (UCR100/LM100 and UCR401/SMD). There is also a Scheops hyper-cardioid, a AKG short shotgun, a Sony m/s stereo shotgun, and 2 Rode large (1") capsule studio microphones for narration or live concert recording. For up to four inputs he has the Audio Developments portable stereo mixer.

LIGHTING... For key lighting it can be the LED500 (very compact yet powerful, 500 LEDs that consume only 40W, and can be run on a camera battery) or the 2 bulb fluorescent (balanced for tungsten or daylight). He has a very nice 256 LED fixture that often goes on his camera to just give that little bit of fill. In addition he has 4 fresnels (200W to 650W) with snoots and scrims, a light-weight LED fixture that can be handheld or mounted on the camera. He has a few other higher powered open-faced and fresnel lights but what he really recommends for large scenes or when the window is in the background is his large 6 bulb fluorescent (balanced for tungsten or daylight).

GRIP... There is a good selection of stands and gobo arms, flags and open-ended scrims, magic arms and super clamps, coloured gels, black wrap, diffusion, flex-fill, apple boxes and sandbags (a few homemade gizmos as well).

IN ADDITION... He has a LCD teleprompter system (and is available as operator). His technical background makes him comfortable on multiple camera shoots as well as using a waveform, vectorscope, or CCU. He will assist other cameraman doing audio or lighting provided that equipment rental is part of the arrangement.

CAMERA and LIGHTING Experience

If you look at the trailers on the Documentary page or at the clips discussed on the News feed you will get a feel for Richard's skill behind the camera. Here is a list summarizing the types of shoots he has been on.

• He has witnessed the power of nature in filming (with high-definition) the flood clean-up and rescue work of North Carolina fire departments for Discovery Channel's series 'Fear Fighters '.
• He has done a lot of shooting behind the scenes on movies and at the 'Just for Laughs' festival (Showtime, Australian TV, HBO). His camera work on the making of Roch Demers' 'The Return of Tommy Tricker' was seen on YTV. He was kept quite wide-eyed shooting on the set of Cirque de Soleil's 'Solstrom' shown on CBC.
• He has done documentary footage for NBC & ABC News, 'Crime International' (England), Spiegle Television (Germany), TNI (Northern Québec), The Discovery Channel, and Vision TV.
• He is a bit smarter now after working as DOP on videos about baby care, playing blackjack, and ballroom dancing.
• The documentary 'Running the Midnight Sun' (CFCF, Vision TV) had him shooting for 12 days in the Arctic.
• He shot teenagers at the Physics Olympics (Discovery) and french CEGEP students on referendum night (YTV).
• Fashions by Louis Feraud, Harry Rosen, Arnold Brant, La Senza, and Joseph Ribkoff have filled his viewfinder.
• He has done lighting for 'The Québec-Canada Complex' and some shooting for 'The Auld Alliance' and 'Power'
• He has worked with a jimmy-jib, done chroma key, and has done lighting for multiple cameras.
• He was DOP for a documentary/art video called 'The Women's Symposium on Love' (CFCF, Vision TV).
• He danced with his camera on 'The World at Our Feet' about the Lachine Folklore Festival (CFCF, TéléQuébec).
• He learned a little history shooting the biographies of Louis Cyr and of Judith Jasmin (History Television).
• He was discreet as DOP on a feature length documentary When Two Won't Do about non-monogamy (TV Ontario).
• He dabbled in fiction as the video camera operator for a TV movie 'La force de l'âge' and as DOP on 'Cul de Sac', a half-hour drama about life on the streets (done for Dans La Rue).
• He chased after a fanatical fan of Shania Twain visiting Timmins, Ontario, Shania's hometown (CMT).
• He held his stomach while filming a surgeon at work in Montreal and Northern Québec (Life).
• He got to hear some cool jazz shooting on a doc about Charlie Biddle (Bravo).
• He has done shooting for the series "Working It Out" produced by Rezolution pictures for APTN.